Thursday, May 30, 2013

Return of the Mom

It has been over a year since I posted, and we've had several big life changes since then. My latest adventures are drawing quite a bit of attention and I have had several requests for a blog documenting the details for your entertainment. So... I'm back!

Quick update for anyone who doesn't know.. which is who?? I'm not sure. But- for the sake of the blog world, here it is. We live in Tennessee now, thanks to the Army, and could not be happier. We purchased our second home in Adams, another fixer-upper, but the 2.7 acres and stunning hill country views stole our hearts so the house could have been a shack for all we cared. Since we moved in I've done some painting and totally renovated the kitchen, but most of my time has been spent outside. I also got my real estate license and added three hens and two pekin ducks to the family.

The ducks are George and Jemima PuddleDuck and the hens
are Birdie (brown Araucana), Buttercup (Black/white Araucana), and Raven (Black Silver-laced Wyandotte).

Since we sold our first home for a decent profit I've wanted to do it again. We considered flipping the house we are living in, because it does have the right profit margin, but we just love it too much to let it go. So last week, we closed on our first nothing but investment property. I am blessed to have an incredible husband and in-laws who trust me with their money. I looked at more houses than I can count before we closed on this one. Most were wrong for various reasons, one I lost to a bidding war, another I lost to agent errors on the listing side and a stubborn property manager. By the time we had this one under contract I was so jaded I honestly didn't think we would get it- but we did!

She isn't pretty right now. Actually- she's really rough. 1780 sqft, 3 bed/1.5 bath, a full finished basement and a two car garage. But the kitchen and basement are full of mold and the roof is it horrible condition. I see what a house could be when I walk through, and this little lady is a gem. I paid $61,500 and hope to put it back on the market in late June for $129,900. Since I am a Realtor now I only have to count on 6% closing costs, plus the $~20k we are investing to renovate it. If everything goes smoothly we should have a very nice profit at the end and a beautifully renovated happy little house. We closed last Friday, and the mold crew came in Saturday to start demolition and remediation. I ordered cabinets, countertops, and appliances Friday afternoon.

The carport will go, and the second garage will be converted back into a functional garage.

Fresh carpet, primed and painted panelling, and serious mold removal should leave a great bonus room.

This doesn't look terrible, but closer inspection shows water
damage and mold throughout.

That's a lot of mold. But for the age of the house it will be an amazing laundry area!

The house will get a new roof, new paint and flooring, all new cabinets and appliances, new fixtures, and landscaping. This is my quick ipad sketch of what I expect it to look like when we are finished.  I should have pictures with the new roof tomorrow!


Until next time.