Thursday, June 20, 2013

Before and After

Well, it took exactly one month and my little project house is finally finished and back on the market. It went over budget by A LOT, but  I chose a house with a huge profit margin so it would be okay if that happened. I originally planned to put $20k into it in renovations, and the final total was $32k, but that still leaves a profit margin of $30k if we get asking price. So- for a month of supervising contractors, I'd say that is a pretty good deal. Ready for the comparison photos? I am! Check this out.




1 car garage with odd storage rooms
2 car garage!

Laundry Room
Pardon the bad lighting, it still needs new bulbs.


So? Are you as excited about it as I am? I can't wait to meet the family that wants to move in. That will be the best part of the whole process; finding a family that loves this little house. Hopefully it sells quickly, because as soon as we are under contract and past the inspections phase I will be looking for project number 2!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

50 Shades of Beige. (and Red)

My husband often says I am color blind. I used to laugh at him and remind him that I am an artist- obviously I can see colors properly. But then I have to choose colors for a room, and I begin to think that maybe he is a little bit right.

I. Hate. Picking. Paint. Colors.

It is the single worst part of decorating. I have vision for what I want a space to look like, and I spend hours looking at all of the swatches and paint giant sample spots on the wall and when I FINALLY decide on one and paint the space, I hate it. That happened with my red front door today. I very carefully chose a red called HeartThrob- and well.. Look for yourself.

Agh! Horrible! I bought a new color today.. hopefully it works better. But check out the black shutters!! And did you notice the branch that was covering half the house is gone? 

Things are coming together. The new light fixtures are in, the drywall is finished, ceilings are patched, and the walls are painted- all except the basement.  

The cabinets come tomorrow, and the appliances are sitting in the living room waiting to be installed. The wood flooring should go in tomorrow as well. My contractor plans to be totally finished by saturday.. we shall see. 

We are getting close- very exciting. 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Fort Campbell Flip, Week 1 Update

A lot has happened in the short time since we closed on the house but most of it isn't very exciting. We are now mold free, and the house is all but empty. The doorway between the living room and kitchen has been widened, creating a much more open feeling in what was a very closed off space. Many minor plumbing issues have been corrected as well as the new water line installed for the fridge to be moved, not photo worthy but a very important step. All the flooring has been purchased as well as all new light fixtures and fans. I scored some incredible 6" dark walnut laminate planks for $1/sq ft, which is a huge savings from the $1.60- $1.80 I had seen everywhere else. The carpet will also be $1/sq ft. Have you looked at laminate lately? That junky plastic roll out sheet flooring? Well- it has come a long way since I last saw it new. It's crazy nice! I am only using it in the basement laundry room but it is very nice stuff!

The almost empty kitchen- Cabinets and appliances will be in next week. 

This was a regular sized door that closed, it feels much better now!

New roof! These guys removed two old layers of roofing, replaced three sheets of rotted plywood and re-roofed the whole house in about 7 hours. Roofers are amazing. And I LOVE the change!

When I left this afternoon the contractors were about to pressure wash everything from sidewalks to gutters, some damaged wood panelling was coming down in the kitchen, and they were planning to begin painting, though I doubt that happened today. The carport was being removed, but we hit our first bump in the road there. It should have been an easy removal, but the previous owners poured the new concrete parking pad around the existing carport, meaning that removing the bottom support rail will leave a 20' long 2" wide hole in the pad. I'll have to have someone patch the concrete, which was not an expected expense. But we didn't find any rotted joists in the ceiling, so we should still be on budget. 

So- while the progress doesn't make for a very exciting blog post, things are moving smoothly and for the most part on time. The contractor goes on vacation on the 15th and the plan is for everything to be complete by then. Fingers crossed! 

Do you have questions or want me to elaborate on something? I'd be happy to answer, just let me know.