Tuesday, June 11, 2013

50 Shades of Beige. (and Red)

My husband often says I am color blind. I used to laugh at him and remind him that I am an artist- obviously I can see colors properly. But then I have to choose colors for a room, and I begin to think that maybe he is a little bit right.

I. Hate. Picking. Paint. Colors.

It is the single worst part of decorating. I have vision for what I want a space to look like, and I spend hours looking at all of the swatches and paint giant sample spots on the wall and when I FINALLY decide on one and paint the space, I hate it. That happened with my red front door today. I very carefully chose a red called HeartThrob- and well.. Look for yourself.

Agh! Horrible! I bought a new color today.. hopefully it works better. But check out the black shutters!! And did you notice the branch that was covering half the house is gone? 

Things are coming together. The new light fixtures are in, the drywall is finished, ceilings are patched, and the walls are painted- all except the basement.  

The cabinets come tomorrow, and the appliances are sitting in the living room waiting to be installed. The wood flooring should go in tomorrow as well. My contractor plans to be totally finished by saturday.. we shall see. 

We are getting close- very exciting. 

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  1. It's coming along Ms Sydney, Wait to see the finished masterpiece!!